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15 June 2014: Malawian church, Jhb

On Sunday 15 June 2014 we went to a Malawian church in Zandspruit to love His people and minister the Word to them. Pastor Joel and the church were such a blessing to us! Thank you, Lord Jesus, for bringing Your children together in love for Your glory!

Here are some lovely pictures of our day together!

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Fire in the Sanctuary Audio Bible Meditations

We have recently started to publish Bible Meditations on YouTube and mp3 format. They can be found on our website under the Our Sword menu, Fire in the Sanctuary. These meditations are there for you to meditate with us on the precious Scriptures that were breathed by God Himself. It is through His Word that we meet Him face to face and are strengthened and taught.
The name Fire in the Sanctuary speaks of Christ's empowering and sanctifying presence being ignited in our inner sanctuary as we meet Him in His Scriptures. Jesus wants to speak to every believer and He said that every one of His sheep hear His voice. We have personally experienced the difficulty in understanding how to meditate on the Scriptures. We trust the Lord Jesus to teach all of us this wonderful spiritual discipline.
These meditations flow directly out of our own relationship with Jesus. We have already heard testimonies of how God used these meditations to speak something totally different to the thought line in the meditations. This is the point! God speaks to all of us and uses the same Scripture to speak into different situations and needs in all of us.
May His name be glorified! May you greatly benefit from these meditations from our hearts!

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May & June 2013: Teaching Acts, Deuteronomy & Hebrews

I have been teaching the book of Acts every Tuesday morning and evening for three weeks at the part-time Bible College of the Living Word Church. The students were such a joy to me and Jesus was speaking to all of us! Acts is such a wonderful book about the work of Christ through His Holy Spirit in the upbuilding and growth of the church. The Lord challenged all of us to be the next generation to further His Kingdom by His strength and power.
I am currently teaching the book of Deuteronomy at the full-time first year Bible College. The students are going to do some wonderful practical group work in this time and we are going to build a new constitution for our country in the week to come based on Biblical principals. I look forward to seeing the students wrestling with all the truths contained in this lovely book.
As we were discussing how Christ impacts all areas of society and how He should be in the centre of science and technology, I mentioned how much I love and use my iPad and how I was sure that Moses would have loved to have one. A student then said: "No worry, Moses had two tablets!" The class rolled with laughter. My husband added: "And he got a warranty replacement!" I love the way that God has programmed us with such a great sense of humour!
Next week, on 24 & 25 June 2013 and in Antananarivo, I will be teaching the book of Hebrews. I cannot wait to meet the students and experience the power of His Word in Madagascar. Please pray for me that Jesus will use my mouth for His glory!

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Radio Impact interview - 5 June 2013

What a day!
My friend Alida Liebenberg, who had been with me on the mission to India, and I was invited by Angela Reed for an interview on Radio Impact. The theme of the discussion was our mission to India. Unfortunately my friend became ill that morning and could not participate in the interview.
On my way to the radio station, I pleaded with the Lord that this interview should only be for the glory of His name. I prayed that the Lord would take captive our minds to His obedience and that He would receive all the honour that is due to Him.
As I entered the studio, I felt so intimidated by the setting - all the microphones and electronics! My heart started racing so hard that I thought everybody would hear it over the radio!
The moment we started, I realised that I just needed to focus on Angela and have a normal conversation with her. She was so amazing in the way that she could make me feel comfortable with her. I thank the Lord for her gentleness and her ability to ask the perfect questions.
The interview went really well and I praise the Lord that this first radio experience was such a blessing and that I only received positive feedback. I was invited to come and share again about our mission to Madagascar. I will publish the date again on our Facebook Page and website if you are interested to listen.
This is the interview that was broadcast live from Radio Impact. We trust you will enjoy it.

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Baptism - 12 June 2013

On 12 June 2013 I had the privilege to baptise two ladies at the Living Word Church.

One of the ladies that only heard of the baptism that morning and decided she wanted to be baptised, had a dream two weeks before the baptism in which she dreamt that she was at the church, her work place, and how she went under the water. There were three ladies with her in the dream. She did not understand the dream until after the baptism - we were three ladies assisting her at the baptism and giving prophetic word!

I just love the way that God shows us that He is in control of our lives and that He sees us.


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Itinerant preaching on 2 June 2013 in Soshanguve

Pastor M Kelepa & wifeI was invited by pastor M Kelepa and his wife of the Jesus Five Stone Ministry in Soshanguve to preach at the service on Sunday 2 June 2013. I felt that the Lord wanted me to go and minister His Word to the people, so I accepted his invitation with the fear of the Lord resting deeply in my heart.

In my preparation time with the Lord, I felt that God wanted me to teach them practical Bible Meditation in church. God prepared my heart with Scriptures in Exodus 19, 24 and 32 as well as from John 14 and 15. Just before leaving home, I read in my diary how God had already spoken on 20 April about this service and His heart for the service! It encouraged me greatly to continue with the theme, seeing that I have never experienced group meditation in a church service before.

The church regularly meet in a tent on the pastor's property and I was impressed with the care and love with which the tent had been decorated. I could see how dedicated the members of the church were to God's call on their lives by listening to them speak of the goodness of God and how much He had changed their lives. During the praise and worship we danced in front of the Lord like David and the celebration in the service reminded me how God lifts us up in His joy as we praise Him for who He is. Our celebration times make us strong and give us courage for the challenging times in life.

After ministering the Word that God had laid on my heart, I asked the congregation to close their eyes and I led them up onto the mountain of transfiguration with Jesus. As the people sat in prayer and meditation, the anointing and presence of God was so strong that even the wind tugging on the tent and throwing over the water jug did not distract the people from their time with God. I could see how God was speaking to His people as tears were flowing as hearts were responding to His love and care. Afterwards another pastor told me how God had shown him things in the Spirit that greatly encouraged him. He was amazed at how marvelous the gentle and quiet presence of the Holy Spirit is in a church service and told us that he had learnt so much of the presence of God.

I know that God started a move in the church that people will spend more time with Him, listening to His voice and following Him. I am so encouraged by God's faithfulness. He will always continue to speak to His people and build His church. We just have to be radically obedient to His voice.

I pray that the Lord will bless this ministry and that they will see great things that the Lord will continue to do among them.

In my preparation time for the mission to Madagascar, the Lord Jesus had shown me how He wants great crowds of people to enter in the same way into His presence. For me personally it was wonderful to see God do this with a whole congregation. I have seen how God arrests people's attention and how even the little children in the service enter His rest as we wait on the Lord.

To God be all the glory!
Ps Micha

To listen to the sermon, click here.

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Ministry during high school assembly

On 20 May 2013 I had the privilege to minister during assembly of a high school in Pretoria. Before starting the message from Scripture for the week, I sang two songs for them accompanied by the jembe.

After singing and praying for them, I was excited to show the children the following video from YouTube, which made them roll with laughter!

The message that God laid on my heart for the children, was from the life of king David of Israel. David did not grow up as his family's favourite and most thought of child. Yet when God had him anointed as king of Israel by Samuel, he must have felt on top of the world! His victory over Goliath and the ensueing praise of the women of Israel, must have made him feel that he could face anything...

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