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Mission Brazil 2010

Prophetic Mission to Brazil 2010

In November 2009, God said to me that He would be sending me to Brazil in 2010 together with a missionary friend, pastor Joao Luis, to communicate a prophetic message. God prompted me to study the book of Jeremiah from which He would speak to me about the country. As I was waiting on God to send provision for the trip, I made sure that my passport was in order and I studied the Book of Jeremiah fervently.

God was so faithful – He constantly confirmed through dreams, prophecy and practical experiences that He would do as He had said He would! Days before I had to leave at the appointed time, God provided the airfare in an unexpected way, enabling me to go on the journey where I could meet up with our friend in Vitoria, Brazil!

When I arrived in Brazil, I realised that I was facing a huge language barrier. Almost no one spoke or understood English! Fortunately God sent me interpreters. I was also able to communicate with and minister to my hostess by referring to specific Scriptures in the Bible.

Ps Elenilda, Micha, Ps Wudson, Ps JoaoThe pastors in Brazil who hosted me welcomed me with open hearts. I told them that God had sent me to announce that He would visit Brazil and bring judgement on the idolatry in the country, coming from Jeremiah 48. To my surprise, the pastor had been praying and fasting for a year about the idolatry in the country! It made me think of how God immediately responded to Daniel’s prayer, although he only felt the impact of God’s response later.

The church’s testimony about the presence of God they experienced while I was there, taught me a lot about God. He is always present and shows Himself to His people in mighty ways.

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